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Welcome to 90210_cw. Your mods for this community are sometimescrazy, lostemilie and tareva1451.

The fourth season of 90210 follows the group from West Beverly as they navigate life after high school. Their journey into adulthood will find them heading in different directions while trying to keep the same closeness that worked so well for them in high school. This tight-knit circle of friends will meet new people, resulting in friendships, relationships and loyalties being tested. Some will attend college, while others will start their careers. It’s a new and different time for them, as the stakes are much higher and there is a lot more to lose. Coming from a world of glamour and privilege, with endless possibilities in front of them, anything can happen. All in all, it’s just another day in the world’s most famous zip code.

We'll follow Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord), the well-meaning but delightfully narcissistic rich girl with a heart of cubic zirconium; Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes), the gifted, artistic drama queen whose personal life is as dramatic as any role she could hope to play; Silver (Jessica Stroup), the outspoken free spirit who marches to the beat of her own drum machine; Annie (Shenae Grimes), the good girl from Kansas who has gotten a bit lost in the land of Oz; Dixon (Tristan Wilds), her charming, good-natured brother who adapts easily to any challenging situation and yet is still struggling to find his own voice; Navid (Michael Steger), whose geeky charm makes all the Blaze girls swoon; Liam (Matt Lanter) the troubled New York transplant who abhors the decadent materialistic world of Beverly Hills; Teddy (Trevor Donovan) the affable golden boy with movie star lineage; and Ivy (Gillian Zinser) the tomboy surfer chick, with a big heart.

90210 is produced by CBS Television Studios with executive producers Patti Carr (“Life Unexpected,” “Private Practice”) and Lara Olsen (“Life Unexpected,” “Private Practice”).

Annie Wilson - Shenae Grimes
Dixon Wilson - Tristan Wilds
Naomi Clark - AnnaLynne McCord
Silver - Jessica Stroup
Adriana Tate-Duncan - Jessica Lowndes
Ivy Sullivan - Gillian Zinser
Teddy Montgomery - Trevor Donovan
Navid Shirazi - Michael Steger
Liam Court - Matt Lanter

1. Please keep posts on topic. On topic posts include: Cast information/news, TV show news, Icons/Graphics relating to the TV show; episode discussions; spoilers; et cetera.

---ETA: I would like to add this is a community for the new 90210 on the CW. Although discussion on the original can be shared from time to time, we would not want it to over-flood this community. If you would like to talk about the original, please check out castle_walsh. It's a new community discussing the original 90210 and they seem to be very excited and updated.

2. If you are posting pictures that are from the same "set" that have been previously posted, you are more than welcome to post any new/unseen pictures to the community in a new post. But please make sure to keep duplicates to a minimum.

3. The community is public to members and non-members. The exception is picture posts and music posts. These should always be FRIENDS LOCKED. If you're interested in seeing this, please join the community.

4. Icons for the moment can be posted on the community. If it gets to be more icons than material, we will have a general icon post or by then, hopefully direct you to an icon community.

5. It is completely unacceptable to bash the actors and actresses on the show. That includes the new and older, but still fabulous, original 90210. This community is a place to dish about our favorite things and find news about the show. Any conduct that is negative and repeated will be a cause for being banned. Please be nice.

6. Got a suggestion or complaint? Tell the mods.

7. Please respect the rules and have fun!

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